Pumpkin Crunch Mix

Now, I was super excited about this mix. How could you go wrong with caramel popcorn that had chocolate and pumpkin flavoring? Well, apparently it is possible to go very wrong with this combination. First of all, the bag exploded when I opened it and it sent pumpkin pieces everywhere so I had to repackage it into zip lock bags so it would stay fresh. The first bite wasn’t bad, but a couple more and I didn’t want anything to do with it. It was too sweet and had a little too much pumpkin(needed more chocolate). I eventually just picked out the chocolate covered almonds because they were delicious and let my cousin have the rest because he liked it.

I would say to avoid this one! There’s a lot of better pumpkin sweets out there you can try, but if you want to pick up this one, it is at World Market.


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