Califia Pumpkin Spice Latte

I had to hunt down this gem. I saw it online and knew I HAD to try it. After searching multiple Targets, I asked an associate about the goods. He told me they had some, but they weren’t on the floor so he got me my very own bottle! Was it as magical as it seemed? YES IT WAS!!

This stuff is delicious and only 90 calories a serving so it is better than going to a coffee shop and sipping on a latte. It is a cold brew and made with almond milk. I found that the consistency on this was more like chocolate milk which was a-okay with me because I also enjoy me some chocolate milk. If you can find it, get it! I will say that I had a friend try this and she didn’t like it, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and wouldn’t mind having a cup every morning.


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