Peet’s Coffee Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Mocha

This coffee was also featured on the blog I read and it was one of the highest rated so I hunted down where the nearest Peet’s Coffee was and convinced my friend to join me! I was super excited because I’ve never seen a dark chocolate pumpkin flavored drink anywhere(if you don’t count hot cocoa) and I couldn’t wait to see if it was as good as reviews said. AND IT WAS!!! I decided last minute to go all out and get the whipped cream as well and it was the perfect decision. This drink is chocolately and pumpkiny in all the right ways and it’s so refreshing! I got mine blended and it was a delicious choice. It tasted like pumpkin chocolate milk with a hint of coffee. So good!

You can grab your own at Peet’s Coffee and die a little on the inside from the delightfulness. They also have a lot of different milk options so you can customize your drink the way YOU like. Grab a cup of this before it’s gone!!



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