Birch Benders Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

I’m usually not one that likes to cook much if I don’t have to, especially not in the morning, but I will make an exception if the end result is a pumpkin pancake! I got this mix and decided that I would make some pumpkin spice pancakes.

At first I tried it without chocolate chips and found they were delicious! It’s rare to find a mix that is good on its own. I then decided I was going to throw some chocolate chips in there to make these even more awesome and wala! it did. Just the right amount of pumpkin and spice to kick off your morning. They were delicious both ways and I would definitely suggest you grab a bag of this so you can make these all year round.

I found this mix at Target which means that you can probably get it half off in a couple of days here. I know I’ll be stocking up on it!


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