Rad Coffee’s Blended Pumpkin Coffee

This. Is. My. Most. Favorite. Coffee. Place. Of. All. Time. I saw this shop through Facebook when my friend shared an article about their unique coffees. We then decided to make a trip to Upland, CA just so we could try it. Let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH EVERY DAMN MILE. I did some research before heading up there and found out they had fall drinks. They had a couple different pumpkin options like a latte and coffee, but I decided to go with the blended pumpkin and I AM SO HAPPY I DID.

Seriously, this is the best pumpkin drink I have ever had. It’s sweet, has a bit of coffee, and the pumpkin flavor is just right. If you think I’m being a little over the top about this, I will let you know that I went to this place THREE times just because I loved the drink so much(and I was in the area..kind of). Every single time, I ordered the blended pumpkin. My dad even loved it and he hates coffee.

If you are in Upland or driving through the area, stop by and try this place! It’s in a really cute location and the coffee drinks are fun and delicious! I wish we had one in San Diego. I’d be there every damn weekend. Seriously, go try this place!


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